About chaiViera

Curated juice blends, cafe beverages & specialty food or meals for fitness, gym, sports, running, yoga and mindfulness enthusiasts.

Our juices, beverages & food are designed, curated and paired for post-workout enjoyment or for holistic wellness. Great-tasting and a great post-workout recovery option for energy and rejuvenation. Our detox juice blends are excellent for holistic wellness, freshly-made with green superfood ingredients. The mindfulness blends enhances meditation with incorporation of mindful eating practice. Our post-workout juice blends can be designed for any corporate, fitness , sports or wellness events.

Our juices, beverages & food are freshly made. All our bottled beverages and packed meals are freshly prepared by our licensed F&B vendors & delivered directly from their outlets in Singapore. Takeaway bottles/packaging served at event locations.

1. Home delivery(virtual post-workout or home juice detox)
2. Event/class post-workout delivery: fitness /sports /yoga /gym venues (outdoors/studios).
3. Corporate delivery (workplace welllness/lunchtime wellness/ corporate wellness).

To purchase beverages online directly, please visit partner site; Viegreen Virtual Food Store:

We have a special interest in mental wellness initiatives. We collaborate with wellness/fitness partners to design juice detox retreat programs virtually or at partner locations. Please follow our social media for updates. We recommend recycling of our bottles for green and sustainability initiatives. There is an option for clients to request glass bottles or environmentally-friendly packaging, which will involve a separate quote.

We have safe management policies developed in our operations for the welfare of our clients, staffs, vendors and partners amidst the current environment.

Mission & Vision

Chaiviera's mission to is motivate & inspire towards a holistic wellness lifestyle. To create a wellness community that recognises the importance of both physical and mental well-being for real happiness.

To be recognized as a global brand that promotes holistic healthy lifestyle and the importance of body-mind wellness . To be recognized for our unique fusion concept of Fitness - Mindfulness - Nutrition.

Our Concept

Fitness - Mindfulness - Nutrition Fusion. Our concept caters to holistic body-mind wellness & post-workout recovery; giving priority to both physical and mental well-being. Our mobile fitness cafe model brings our concept to pop-up locations, collaborative fitness/wellness partner centers, virtual fitness/wellness experiences or to your home via delivery.

Mobile Model

Our mobile fitness cafe model aims to make our wellness beverages accessible post-workout at home or at a fitness/wellness venue. Our model also caters for virtual retreats and virtual programs by delivering to your home prior to the event. For orders of wellness beverages only, online email order with follow-up with our service consultants delivers a more customised service. For wellness beverages incorporated into the programs or retreats, purchase of event tickets will include the wellness beverages.

Delivery Mode;
• Delivery at fitness/wellness or event venue
• Delivery at home or office
• Pick-up at F&B partner locations

All beverages are freshly made and delivered directly from F&B vendor’s location.

Due to covid-19 safe management policies, our Fitness/Wellness/F&B vendors and partners are expected to adhere to safety standards. Covid-19 safety measures will be imposed in our service delivery models with regards to wellness beverages delivery as well as fitness/wellness services delivery.

The Founder

Prakaash is the owner and program designer of the Chaiviera wellness brand. Prakaash provides wellness program design, consulting and coaching services to corporations, as well as individuals.

During his difficult times in life, his weight gained to 120kg. He realised that stress, overthinking, loneliness was a contributing factor to his weight gain. As these stressors prevented him to achieve happiness, and affected his business leadership as well. He decided to change his life by adopting a holistic wellness balance. He derived the fusion concept of Fitness - Mindfulness - Nutrition by exploring each of these elements through his wellness journey.

From his personal experience of overcoming anxiety, stress and depression, Prakaash developed programs which prioritize mental wellness. Prakaash is very passionate about helping others with mental wellness. He is an active mindfulness practitioner who combines fitness and mindfulness concepts, and curated post-workout food and beverages into fusion wellness programmes. He aims to spread happiness through his wellness community

Prakaash has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) in the United Kingdom. He also graduated with a Master of Science degree in Instrumentation and Analytical Science from UMIST. He further pursued a Master of Management degree from Monash University in Australia.

Prakaash is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified group fitness instructor. He also obtained an ACE behaviour change specialist certificate and ACE fitness nutrition specialist certificate. He holds an advanced certificate in training and assessment (ACTA) from the Institute of Adult Learning in Singapore. He has completed the 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction program (MBSR)